Holly Burns

Hi! I'm Holly. I'm a writer and content strategist.

I spent five years at Instagram, building and running the writing team. As Instagram's first content strategy manager, I grew our team of writers from two people—one of whom was me—into the double digits. Before that, I was a content strategist at Facebook, a writer at Gowalla, and a writer at Travelocity, where one of my most surreal job duties was acting as the official voice of the Roaming Gnome. On the upside, I got to fly all over the world, writing funny tweets in disguise as someone else. On the downside, I had to walk through airports carrying a large ceramic gnome.

These days, I split my time between content strategy, journalism, and fiction. My work has been published in The New York Times and I'm currently consulting with clients like Instacart and MatchesTalent. I've written advertorial copy for Travel + Leisure, detailed my DIY kitchen renovation in Ladies' Home Journal, and ghostwritten a book for one of the country's top wedding planners.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I am a British person with a British accent. I like throwing parties and getting really good deals on things.




I always think I don't like public speaking, right up until the minute I get up on stage and realize I'm a huge ham. Turns out I actually love being the center of attention! As well as being part of the advisory committee for the 2017 Design Matters conference in Copenhagen, I've spoken at the following conferences:


You can email me at nothingbutbonfiresATgmail.com or find me on LinkedIn. I am also on Twitter, though it just kind of feels like a lot of people shouting at once.